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Want your home, bathroom & kitchen to look NEW again?

Introducing SimpleKleen™ Cordless Power Scrubber Pro

SimpleKleen™ Power Scrubber Pro creates an effortless solution to enhance your cleaning routine and keep your house new and spotless at ALL TIMES! Give your home a makeover today!

“Exactly like described. we were hesitant as first since all we used in the past were mops. This changed our cleaning routine and we love it!”

Lucy D.

Our Power Scrubber Pro comes with 3 different flexible and durable brush heads that satisfy all your cleaning needs. 

Corner Brush

Perfect for corners, tile grout and shower

Heavy-Duty Brush

Suitable for areas that need extra attention

All-Purpose Brush

Ideal for kitchen, floor and sink

Clean Smarter, Not Harder!

Enjoy 60 mins of uninterrupted cleaning when fully charged. Let our NEW Power Scrubber Pro do ALL the work for you!

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Clean Anywhere! How Does It Work?

SimpleKleen™ Cordless Power Scrubber Pro is a cordless super-powered 360-degree spin scrubber that can be used to clean shower, tub, tile, bathroom, floor, grout, wall, bathtub, corner, kitchen, toilet, soap scum, door, sink, cement, car, RV, baseboard, window, glass, boat – basically, ANY area in the house and outside of the house.







Power Scrubber Pro has helped our customers get amazing results!

Hundreds of clients rate the SimpleKleen Power Scrubber Pro

Easy Three-Step Installation

Connect the brush you need to the machine head.

Connect the extension handle to the machine handle.

Switch on and watch it scrub!

The extension arm comes handy Hard to reach areas such as windows, ceilings or large cars.

Take it high, take it low, take it anywhere you’d like to clean! The water-resistant design allows cleaning under wet conditions safely.

money back guarantee

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Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

The package comes with our cordless power scrubber, three brush heads (corner, heavy-duty and all-purpose brush heads) as well as the charging plug.

You can use any cleaning solution of your choice. Most multi-surface or all-purpose cleaners are great to use. A couple of brands we recommend are Nellie’s, Method, Cif and Vim.

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee for our customers. If you are not satisfied with your product, please email us at support@simplekleen so we can help you out! You can find out the details on the Refund Policy here.

Here is some guidance for you: US plug - United States, Canada UK plug - United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore EU plug - Europe with exception of United Kingdom, and Ireland AU plug - Australia, New Zealand Not Sure? Don't worry, just choose the option "Let us choose for you" and we will send you the correct plug based on your country/location.

SimpleKleen™ Cordless Power Scrubber Pro can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces, such as wood, marble, ceramic, glass, acrylic, tile, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, fiberglass and more. For the more delicate surfaces, we recommend using the all-purpose cleaning brush head instead of the heavy-duty brush head.

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied! If you are not satisfied with the product, return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Purchase your Cordless Power Scrubber Pro

EVERY household needs a Power Scrubber Pro, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy a clean, comfortable and cozy living environment for themselves and their loved ones!

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